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The Air2g2 is a state of the art aerating machine that is revolutionizing turf maintenance for golf courses and athletic fields. Not only can the Air2g2 be used all year, regardless of season, weather, or upcoming events, but it is the only aeration machine that does not disrupt play or require a post-application clean up.


There are numerous benefits associated with using the Air2g2 for your turf maintenance.


  • Dramatically reduces soil compaction


  • Improves the overall health of the turf


  • Reduces impact injuries


  • Aides in surface water drainage by creating larger pore space in the soil subsurface


The Air2g2 works by fracturing compacted soil layers beneath the surface, creating pathways for water and air. This ultimately balances the water to air ratio within the soil and encourages positive microbial activity. Your turf will be greener, healthier, and safer after even just one use of the Air2g2.


Learn more about the benefits of the Air2g2 for your golf course or athletic field. Contact Tropical Soil Solutions to speak to one of our professionals about how the Air2g2 can make your turf maintenance simpler.

Benefits of The Air2g2

The Air2g2 is a state of the art aerator that is leading the industry in improving the health, soil porosity, and water infiltration rates of many turfgrass sites.


Multiple studies, including those conducted at the University of Tennessee, show that the Air2g2 reduces surface hardness and bulk density while increasing water infiltration rates and soil porosity.


To put it simply, the Air2g2 is the best aerator for the health and maintenance of your golf course or athletic field.


How it Works


The Air2g2 is the truest form of aeration. Here’s how it works:


  •     7-12 inch probes inject the soil with two blasts of air; this means compressed air is injected 18-24” horizontally throughout the soil.


  •     The soil from subsoil to surface is fractured and displaced.


  •     Compaction is reduced and toxic gases purged while additional oxygen is injected into the soil.


The Air2g2 machine does all of this without disrupting surface playability. This means that you won’t have to close your course or field for as long as you would with traditional aeration techniques.


The high air pressure breaks up the lower soil layers and additional pathways for water and air are formed. This means water and air can filter down to the roots faster. This leads to a healthy water to air ratio within your soil, which then increases the microbial activity that ultimately reduces bacteria and fungus in the root zone.
Furthermore, the increase in air space within the soil means there’s more room for roots to grow. The deeper the roots grow, the more resistant the turf to is to drought conditions.


Why It Works


Compacted soil reduces water and air infiltration, meaning less of these crucial elements reach the root zone of your turf. With a single use of the Air2g2, these problems are addressed, and soil compaction is reduced. After a single application, water infiltration increases by as much as 60%, while air porosity increases by as much as 36%.


Contact the experts at Tropical Soil Solutions if you have any questions about how the Air2g2 can benefit your golf course or athletic field or schedule a demo. Then, you can decide if you want to purchase the Air2g2 or contract our pros to provide regular maintenance to do the aeration for you. We’d be happy to show you what the Air2g2 can do for you.




Working width                                                                          180cm
Overall dimensions of unit          205cms (l) x 150cms (w) x 130cms (h)
 Working depth (probe / tine)       7” (17.5cms) or 12” (25cms) – standard tines
                                                             6” (15.25cms) or 9” (23cms) – optional tines
Weight (approx)                                                                                  420kgs
Fuel tank capacity                                                                             19ltrs
Engine                                                                        Kholer 19hp petrol engine
Compressor                                       Ingersol Rand two stage, 55ltrs capacity

Air2g2 Points of Interest

“Air is everything to anything that lives ”

  • No surface disruption is a critical difference between Air2g2 and the conventional means of aerification. This allows you, the turf maintenance professional to aerify anytime, any weather, with no impact to play.


  • The Air2g2 machine allows you to aerify the turf in any weather conditions and the property doesn’t have to be closed to perform the cultural practice.


  • Pure oxygen injections into the soil profile diffuses carbon dioxide, stimulates microbial activity for thatch degradation, promotes healthy rooting and increases water infiltration rates.


  • University testing has showcased the Air2g2 in multiple agronomic conditions. Regions that can benefit the most from the Air2g2 machine are hot, humid, and wet climates.


  • The turf isn’t the only thing that can benefit from Air2g2. The machines ability to cut back on soil sheer factor and compaction is critical in concussion relief and athlete joint wear. You can’t put a price on human safety.


  • In regions that receive heavy amounts of rain, the Air2g2 machine can eliminate anaerobic conditions, black layer and limits surface water tension.


  • In arid regions, the Air2g2 machine will increase rooting depths, aid in gas exchange and flush bicarbonates from soil profile.


  • Air2g2 can truly change the way agronomists approach cultural plant management. No need to shutdown the property to perform this cutting edge practice. This will increase revenue and customer satisfaction.


  • Air2g2 is extremely user friendly, which allows for safe, effective aerification at anytime of the year.


  • Get oxygen to the plant roots and relive compaction even during your high season. No more unhappy players complaining of bumpy surfaces.

aerification 2012 002



  • Air2g2 can aid in delivering various plant care products to the root system, which cuts back on chemical surface runoff. Mole Crickets watch out, we are coming for you.

dead mole cricket 2

  • Air2g2 eliminates hydrophobic conditions by fracturing the soil profile and relieving soil tension. As you experience various weather patters throughout the year, be ready to combat any issues before they arise and aerify.


  • Air2g2 is on the forefront of the safety concerns related your grass playing fields. The high-pressured oxygen is injection that Air2g2 cuts down on compaction and sheer factor of soil. The oxygen injections protect the athletes from hard playing surfaces, as well as lowering incidents of concussion.



  • The positive environmental impact that the Air2g2 machine has on the turf industry is significant. Currently there is a great deal of pressure on plant care professionals to take a more sustainable approach to agronomics. With a pure source of oxygen available to your root system at any time. The Air2g2 machine stimulates roots and promotes water infiltration rates.



  • Longer roots allow the turf plant to access water.


  • Stronger roots allow for greater plant stress tolerance


  • Critical nuntrients for turf management are found 6-8 iches below the surface. Air2g2 gets your roots pushing for the nutrients  and allows more time between fertility practices.


  • Roots are important in the structural integrity of the playing surface. A solid root mass will prevent upheave of turf.


  • Field renovations are extremely costly. If you use the Air2g2 machine regulary along side other cultural practices, you can greatly extend the lifeof the field


Buy the Air2g2

Air2g2 machine Tropical Soil Solutions is a proud distributor of the Air2g2 machine.


The Air2g2 can be used frequently with no disruption to play any time of the year. What better way to take full advantage of this than to have your own machine? By owning an Air2g2, you can run the machine on a more frequent basis, taking full advantage of all its benefits.


On golf courses, in addition to greens, you can use it on tees, compacted areas resulting from high traffic, and even bunkers that do not drain well. On sports fields, owning an Air2g2 allows you to run it weekly during peak sports seasons when soils become heavily compacted from increased activity resulting in thinning turf and sub-par playing conditions. Owning the Air2g2 gives you the flexibility to run it any time you want.


If you are interested in purchasing an Air2g2, please fill out the inquiry form below and a Tropical Soil Solutions representative will contact you to discuss the purchase of your very own Air2g2. Lease options are also available.


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