• Traditional core aerification has a negative impact on the quality of the playing surface. The Air2g2 machine gives the turf care professional the ability to aerify any time of the year without hindering play.


  • Agronomists in the tropics have a difficult time managing the heavy rainfall events, which lead to anaerobic soils. Combat these conditions by infusing oxygen into your root zone to a depth of 12”


  • During your dry season, use Air2g2 to purge noxious gasses and bicarbonate build up in your soil. Quality cultivars of Bermuda Grass that are used on putting surfaces tend to produce more noxious gasses that need to be released frequently. The Air2g2 machine diffuses carbon dioxide out of the plant canopy and replaces it with oxygen.


  • Air2g2’s ability to improve subsurface drainage is critical to a plants survival in the warm, humid regions of the tropics. The increase in soil porosity is achieved through cutting edge oxygen injections. Once again, no surface disruption to interrupt play.


  • Compaction issues throughout your golf course can be rectified quickly with the Air2g2 machine. May it be putting greens, bunkers, tees, fairways or rough, the Air2g2 can solve your compaction problems.
  • As water, fertilizer and chemical regulations increase in our industry, try to stay ahead of the game with a more sustainable approach to agronomy. The Air2g2 machine can be at the forefront of your cultural plan.
  • Resources are somewhat limited in your region, so simply producing a healthier plant through various agronomic practices is extremely important. Aerate your soil anytime of the year, with no clean up or disruption of play.
  • Its hard to get various pesticides down to soil born pathogens and insects. Apply your chemical and pass the Air2g2 machine over the affected area and inject the product into the soil. This will cut back on surface runoff pollution.
  • The Air2g2’s oxygen injection system stimulates healthy microbial degradation of your thatch layer. This is crucial to a region that has a difficult time getting proper topdressing sand.
  • The bottom line is when you have an Air2g2 machine at your fingertips, you can aerify any playing surface, any time of the year. This can be done with no affect on play and therefore no affect on your revenue.
  • The Air2g2 machine can be a great recuperation tool after any major tournament or outside event held at your course. Aerify compacted access roads, pedestrian walk paths, tent areas and any other problematic spots.

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