• The success of a sports turf manager is dependent on the ability to grow a healthy, safe playing field. The Air2g2 machine can assist you in many ways.


  • Roots and turf stability are crucial to the athlete’s safety and performance. Air2g2’s oxygen injections at high pressure create soil porosity and promote rooting depths as well as mass.


  • Air2g2 machine is the only machine on the market that cuts back on soil shear factor. The softening of the soil profile after the application of an Air2g2 machine is significant.


  • Aerify your field anytime before or after the big match. Players won’t see any signs of surface disruption.


  • If your field hosts any outside events such as concerts, just run the Air2g2 machine over the heavily traffic areas and bring your turf back to life.


  • Concussions are currently the major focus of sports safety. The Air2g2 machine has the ability to relieve soil hardness by 38 %. A few Universities and the NFL have researched this. Great results have been achieved on various playing surfaces.


  • Soccer fields can benefit by using the Air2g2 machine on the critical 18-yard boxes. These locations tend to have the most incidents of accidents such as concussions and broken bones. If we relieve the compaction and shear factor of soil, we are protecting the longevity of our athletes.

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